Refreshing Patch #3 -TinyTAN- DynaMart
Refreshing Patch #3 -TinyTAN- DynaMart
Brand: TinyTAN

Refreshing Patch #3

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TinyTAN Refreshing Patches are the perfect addition to any flat surface! It's small and can fit on a phone case, waterbottle, laptop, anywhere~

All posters have a purifying and deodorizing agent. It is an eco-friendly and harmless product composed of pure mineral substances.
Use refreshing patches to eliminate various odors and hazardous toxins in the air.
Air Wall does not just cover up the odor with fragrance. Using air catalyst, it improves the environment at the root.
It promotes dissociation absorption of oxygen in the air, and the dissociation oxygen engages with the toxic gas and breaks them down.

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