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Special Ingredients Natural silica, Chamaecyparis
Item Form Spray
Product Benefits Oil Control
Use for Face

About this item

  • Includes powder to remove oily shine from skin and hair
  • Controls excess sebum but minimizes skin dryness
  • Works as a makeup fixer that absorbs sebum and minimizes makeup smudging
  • Contains hinoki cypress water to effectively calm the skin
  • How to Use : Product will separate into a moisture layer and powder layer. Shake well to mix it up. / Spray an appropriate amount on your face with your eyes closed, from about 15cm away, and pat lightly to assist with absorption.



Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Vicki D.
Very cooling

It is a very subtle Scent and very refreshing

Jennifer H.
What?? This stuff is sticky and gross and makes me hot!

I don't get this. Cooling spray? Once you spray it on, it STAYS on, like glycerin. i had to go shower after using this stuff. I felt a little like I had just swum in the ocean--that salty, gritty feeling, but also a little sticky from the sunscreen that didn't quite all wash off in the water.It was a horrible feeling. And it just looks and smells like water--so I don't know what's going on here. Threw this in the trash!

firstname lastname :)
good for travel and summer

i don?셳 have oily skin (mainly normal to combination skin, depending on the season) but my t-zone goes outta control when i get sweaty in any season. i don?셳 use this as an all over mist and primarily concentrate on that area to help with the shine and so far i think it?셲 better than not using it at all. it?셲 good for summer for me and while traveling in a plane because my oil production is always heavier then. i?셫 glad i got to try this because now i have a mist for this specific purpose and it?셲 not too drying at the same time. it may not be strong enough if you?셱e super oily all the time but for my purposes, it?셲 perfect. recommend trying if you suffer from similar skin oiliness issues as me.

firstname lastname :)
great for hydrating, skin softening, and touch ups

i think this is pretty good for a $12 mist. it sprays finely enough and it helps soothe my skin without any irritation on my slightly sensitive skin. it?셲 gentle but i feel like i get more results with this than a cheap bottle of rose water. the cooling aspect of it i think is more for cooling the actual skin on your face down if it?셲 hot from irritation or pimples, etc., rather than a product to help cool your body in the heat. it does a good job prepping my skin for the next step in my skin routine or as a simple hydrating product that you can use without clogging your pores after everything has been applied and your skin feels a little parched. it didn?셳 make my skin look greasy or too shiny either. recommend trying if you need an all purpose mist but don?셳 want to dish out a ton of money for one.

Not long lasting as claimed

Yes it is cooling and soothing but I also have a misting spray bottle that I bought for $1, fill it up with water and spray it when I am hot and voila, it works the same way. Same as water, when you use it and it stays till it dries out so it still cools you off. I will not spend this much if what I am doing now works just as well. There is no scent or anything so I am not sure if it really has what it says it has.

Avid reader
Cooling and smells nice

The ELISHACOY My Cooling Balance Mist is a lightweight cooling mist for your skin. It works even better if it is refrigerated. The sprayer works well, and the ingredients did not irritate my skin. When applied it does provide a cooling sensation, that is nice, but brief, especially here in southern Georgia in the summer.

Avid reader

The ELISHACOY My Oil Cut Balance Mist is a toner solution with microfine powder particles. You shake up the bottle and the powder becomes suspended in the solution. Spray it on you T-zone, and no more shine. I would spray it on in the morning, and still be relatively shine free by late afternoon.I did not notice any sensitivity in my skin to the ingredients in the product, nor any increase in breakouts. I would definitely purchase again.

Amadeus B. Klein
seems to work

This one works pretty good overall. It does cools your face pretty well and doen't seem to cause breakout issues. I would call this one a 4 star buy at this price point...Just my thoughts,AK

Stacey Adams
The sprayer means business

Nothing worse than getting a product with a sprayer, only to discover that you have to spray a million times to get the coverage that you want. This sprayer means business, four pumps, and my face is fully covered.The spray itself is wonderful. Super cooling, my face feels plumped, soft and hydrated. I was worried about using facial sprays, my skin can sometimes be super oily, especially on my forehead and cheeks, but with this spray, I feel I don't have to worry about it. I'll be buying more when this runs out, I'm really glad I picked it up.

My brand I like better, but it?셲 3 x?셲 the cost, so let?셲 be fair here!

Works OK, but not as good as my usual brand. That being said, my brand costs $36, but it?셲 worth it to me, as I?셫 very, very oily!Also, I like a finer mist so it doesn?셳 interrupt my concealer in the least. (My brand.) This oil cut balance mist IS misty, yes.. but it?셲 not light as air so that I really do not feel it, like my usual brand. It?셲 ok though.That being said, it does help cut down on oil, and the price is 1/3 of what I am used to, so I wonder what I would rate this without any former experience with these setting sprays?? Likely, it would rate higher.To be fair all around, I give it a pretty good 3.25, slightly ?쁝bove average??rating. It certainly seems to be more helpful than using nothing at all. I?셶e been there, too. Now I cannot live without my setting spray!If you are super oily too, go and give it a try!!!

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