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Skin Type Dry
Product Benefits ph Balancing, Hydrating
Use for Face
Scent Fragrance Free

About this item

  • FERMENTED KOMBUCHA EXTRACTS: ElishaCoy presents you with an ampoule for face enriched with Kombucha Extracts (Yeast/Xylinum/Black Tea Fermentation) obtained after fermenting Black Tea in clean Jeju island for 506 hours thus it helps maintain your skin healthy.
  • IMPROVED SKIN TEXTURE: This ampoule serum contains GYEOL-BIOME, which smoothens your skin texture. The blend of essential nutrients in the hydrating toner offers you skin-smoothing moisture while minimizing wrinkles and enhances skin’s elasticity and keeps it dewy and bouncy.
  • MAINTAINS PH BALANCE AND MOISTURE: The presence of multiple active ingredients in our facial serum keeps your facial skin nourished and calm. This hydrating ampoule skincare delivers moisture onto the entire face and regulates the ideal pH level of your skin.
  • VEGAN AND FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: This face care essence is formulated without artificial fragrances and colors, parabens, or essential oils, making it perfect for use for any skin type. This facial essence calming mask is ideal for all skin types but particularly soothing for sensitive or acne-prone skin.
  • QUICK ABSORPTION HYDRATING FORMULA: Kombucha Gyeol-Biome Ampoule for the face is a highly nourishing ampoule made with EWG all green ingredients that allow the nutrients to absorb into the skin deeply and provide a tight and resilient finish.


Customer Reviews

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Mar Rose
so watery

Texture is not nice

Gen of North Coast Gardening
Pleasant serum, but not life-changing

I enjoy experimenting with different kinds of face serums and creams, and really enjoy the Korean skincare routines. I've heard good things about Elishacoy for being an affordable yet solid brand with good ingredients.This was a perfectly fine moisturizing serum. I didn't notice any smoothing or other benefits besides gentle moisture. However, for me on most days, gentle moisturizing is about all I need from serum, so this has worked just fine for me. However, every so often I try a serum where I get some really obvious, expanded benefit beyond just having my skin feel generally moisturized, and this one didn't go above and beyond in that way.This is overall a perfectly serviceable and pleasant facial serum and good for basic moisturizing.

Mirna rivas
Me gusta

Es muy hidratante no he visto mas.cambios solo hidratacion

K Man
So far so good

This product is working great

I LOVE this

My skin loves this. I HATE moisturizer and my skin usually doesn't need one. I usually stick to (I'm not even going to try and spell it) naicimaide and salicylic acid serums durring the day. At night I might use naicimaide and a light night lotion, vitamin c lotion, bakuchiol serum or a ceramide cream. Only at night since my skin gets super greasy and gross feeling. AnywayI can use this day and night with 0 issues. Leaves my skin feeling great. No stickiness, doesn't increase my oiliness, hasn't made my acne worse (I've been breaking out mega bad from protien powder). I gave my nephew a small bottle of this and he says it helped clear up his face when he used it. My acne already heals pretty quickly so I can't say this has done much to help my skin that I can tell, but it leaves it so soft and takes a hour or 2 longer to get greasy that I'll keep using this and buy more when needed.I really like I can use this with salicylic acid and haven't noticed any bad reactions when I use it with other serums. Haven't tried it with vitamin c tho and don't think I will.

Northwest Designer
Excellent serum - gets results

I'm really happy that I ordered this serum. It is one of the more powerful serums I've tried this year. I'm really liking some of the cosmetics that are coming out of Korea, this being one of them. Korea has a history of producing outstanding beauty products. I have been using this serum daily, along with a kombucha-based toner, and I do notice a difference in the overall quality of my skin. The serum goes on slick, but dries down to a non-sticky finish pretty quickly. I use a moisturizing oil blend over it and my face is quite happy. I definitely recommend it!

Great for sensitive skin

I am in my late 40's with dry, sensitive skin.This arrived in a sealed box so you will know it hasn't been tampered with. The glass bottle is larger than expected, and frosted clear. I prefer tinted glass to give more light protection but will keep it in the medicine cabinet. The dropper is a built type and works well to dispense a drop at a time or more as you need.The serum is a pale gold color and fairly thick, similar to an aloe gel. There does not appear to be any added fragrance which for me is a plus. It smooths easily into my skin and sinks in without leaving it sticky, shiny or tacky.I found that this is not moisturizing enough for me personally, but think someone that didn't have extremely dry skin would find it sufficient.I had no reactions from my sensitive skin, no redness, burning, flaking or breakouts of any kind.Expires 4/2024

firstname lastname :)
love this serum

i really enjoy this serum! it's lightweight and moisturizing and my slightly sensitive skin doesn't find it irritating. it doesn't leave my skin feeling tacky or greasy and it pairs well with all my creams and stuff. it's lightweight enough but still hydrating so my combination skin doesn't get oily areas or dry patches. sometimes i'll just use this to dilute something heavier so it spreads easier and i haven't had any issues. not too expensive and works as a general all purpose serum that works in most situations.


This ELISHACOY Kombucha Gyeol Biome ampoule/serum arrives in an iced dull container and the actual serum is a pale tan, similar to tea. It has a lightweight surface that is on the somewhat thicker side for ampoule fluid, more like a gel than to water. It quieted redness and further developed skin surface. It assimilates rapidly and doesn't leave a tacky buildup. This serum is a bit runny (contrasted for certain different serums) however has kind of a thick gel consistency to it. It feels so delicate and saturating on my skin. This probably won't be a thick and rich cream however it works really hard of giving my skin the dampness it aches for. At the point when I contact my face subsequent to utilizing this I can simply feel the dampness on my skin. At first I was stressed a serum like this would doubtlessly feel tacky and tasteless, yet fortunately it doesn't. I was likewise stressed seeing "fermented tea" as I suspected this would have a type of an unsavory aroma, yet it turns out this is sans scent! I see that fermented tea is apparently acquiring some prominence in Korean skincare items and many brands are presently utilizing this fixing. I additionally took a gander at the fixings rundown of this item and didn't see anything that made me not have any desire to utilize this. I truly like and suggest this item. Subsequent to utilizing this ampoule and truly preferring it, I intend to get the fog form from this equivalent product offering.

Midwest Midlife
Fascinating product

My only experience with kombucha has been to drink it so I was very intrigued by this and wanted to try it. I have fine lines and dry areas under my eyes, thanks to maturing skin. This is supposed to smooth skin texture so we'll see. I like that this is supposed to calm your skin.

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