G4+ Plasma Beauty Device -Plaskin- DynaMart
G4+ Plasma Beauty Device -Plaskin- DynaMart
G4+ Plasma Beauty Device -Plaskin- DynaMart
Brand: Plaskin

G4+ Plasma Beauty Device


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Two modes are more flexible

You can choose different care modes according to your own or your family's skin condition, and meet the needs of many people.

The No. 1 mode is “Sensitive Care Mode” for those with more fragile skin, or for the first time using PLABEAU.

The No. 2 mode is "Standard Care Mode", which is suitable for general skin, or you want to focus on the problem skin.

Lighter and more portable

G4+ is made of PC plastic and aluminum alloy. It weighs only 130 grams and is relatively small in size. It is convenient for daily use and carrying.

More considerate skin

The G4+'s ceramic scanning surface is relatively small, and it is more flexible and precise for handling smaller areas such as the nose and eye.

More popular

G4+ provides you with a more suitable choice, so that more people can experience the vital effects of Plasma.

6 large live muscle effects

Hydrophilic effect
PLABEAU injects energy into the skin, attracts skin care products to penetrate into the muscle base, improves the hydrophilicity and absorption of the skin, and even the larger molecular vitamin extract can penetrate instantly and exert the maximum effect of the essence.

Increases skin absorption by 41% in 10 minutes*

Collagen self-generation
High-speed particles are finer than pores, can easily shuttle to the skin, catalyze the regeneration of fibroblasts, promote skin collagen and elastin, increase skin elasticity and density, and exert deep moisturizing effect, skin regains firmness and hydration.

Uses 10 minutes of moisturizing effect for 10 hours, and uses 2 weeks of skin moisturizing power to enhance 57.99%*

Use 4 weeks to improve the density of the dermis layer by 14.09% and improve skin elasticity by 9.5%*

Wrinkle reduction
High-speed particles promote skin collagen self-generation, repair skin and damaged cells, effectively reduce wrinkles and fine lines including eye lines and tiger lines, improve rough skin and tighten pores.

Use 6 weeks to reduce fine lines by 26.2%*

Use 4 weeks to reduce wrinkles by 11.78% and improve pores by 10.99%*

Whitening and lustrous
High-speed particles dissolve and inhibit melanin synthesis, while promoting skin renewal, improving dull skin color, enhancing whitening and enhancing brightness. Stubborn pigments such as acne scars, freckles, and chloasma can be significantly improved.

Use 4 weeks to improve skin brightness by 1.59%*

Bactericidal soothing
PLABEAU's high-speed hydroxide particles decomposed from the air will cause the bacterial cell membrane to fall off and then die, effectively soothing redness, itching, acne and discomfort caused by bacteria, greatly reducing skin sensitivity.

Improved itchiness by 63% for 2 weeks and 69% improvement of itching frequency*

(Korea Asthma Allergic Dermatitis Association Certification)

Deep purification
High-speed particles can penetrate deep into the muscles, extract the dirt, aging substances and secretions of pores in the pores of the skin, improve acne, blackheads and dark particles, keep pores clean, and effectively tighten pores, whitening and smooth skin.

(Recommended by the Korean Allergic Dermatitis Association)

*Experimental results of Korea Skin Clinical Technology Research Institute


After wiping off the water, scan for 10 minutes on each skin area you need, and scan the affected area for about 5 seconds.
(Blue light, light sound and metallic odor appear in the process, which are natural phenomena that produce high-speed particles.)
Apply vitamin extract after use.
If the dirt in your skin adheres to the ceramic scanning surface, use a sterile alcohol or a cotton pad to clean it.

Product specifications
Lithium capacity: 1130mAh
Power consumption: 4.29Wh
Power: DC 5V, 1.5A
Voltage: 110-280V
Plasma power: 0.5W or less
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